understanding colours

What is the difference between a Colour and a Hue? Many can get confused about this. The word ‘colour’ is a general term. It refers to all the variations we see, even white or grey.

hueHue is colour in its purest, most saturated state, without the addition of black, white or grey.

Using it you can create striking, upbeat and exciting colour schemes.

Every individual colour on the Basic Colour Wheel can be altered in three ways by tinting, shading or

tintTint, also known as Pastel, is any colour with white added.

With it you can create a soft, gentle and relaxing colourscheme.


shadeShade is any colour with black added.

It achieves a daring, powerful and charismatic colour scheme.


toneTone is created by adding white and black and brings harmony.

Tones are stylish, uptown and elegant, very cosmopolitan, allowing for great colour schemes.