my approach

design service

Interior spaces are planned incorporating products and materials sourced from suppliers and artists we trust.

Are you looking for a special chair, wallpaper or a period cabinet etc… but are too busy to buy or don’t know where to start?

Nowadays, clients tend to be much more design aware and visually informed than ever before. My role is to interpret their ideas and to develop them by transforming the client’s vision into built reality.

Interior Design changes can be as simple as changing the lighting of a room, or as complex as completely renovating a space. I provide a full interior design service, including but not limited to:

  • Concept visualisation
  • Fabric and colour schemes
  • Sample boards
  • Spacial planning

I can supply:

  • Bespoke soft furnishings
  • Window treatments
  • Floor and wall treatments
  • Decorative lighting

In addition to this I can also provide a building design service by either supervising the work or carrying out the work with recommended contractors.


My working methodology follows an established series of steps. Each part plays an essential role in the devlopment of the perfect design for my client that reflects their own unique aesthetic.
Briefly these steps can be summarised as follows:

  • Inital client meeting
  • Analysis of the brief
  • Data and reference collection
  • Considerations and feedback
  • Concept development and evaluation
  • Illustrations of ideas
  • Client presentation